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truss fmincon 3d

Optimize 3d truss with fmincon

标签: fminconoptimizetruss

2019-06-28 23:15:41 - Silas Henderson

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truss fmincon 2d

optimize 2d truss with fmincon

标签: 10baroptimizationtruss

2019-06-28 23:14:02 - Silas Henderson

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Program for calculating the geometry of involute gears

标签: animationgearsgears design

2019-06-28 13:13:54 - milan batista

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SDO (Sparse Data Observers)

Outlier detection based on low density models

标签: outlier detection

2019-06-28 09:08:00 - Felix Iglesias

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MPLAB Device Blocks for188bet开户

dsPIC, PIC32 and SAM7x Support package for Embedded Coder

标签: builddspicembedded codermicrochipmplabpic32rapid control prototypingsamx7toolchain

2019-06-28 09:07:37 - Lubin Kerhuel

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Toolbox Extender

Extends built-in MATLAB capabilities of toolbox creating

标签: customextendergithubmlappinstallmltbxtoolbox

2019-06-28 08:30:00 - Pavel Roslovets

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matlab 3d model design


2019-06-28 05:49:37 - Rahul punk

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this project is based on real time multiple particle to extracted bigger particle using microscope and count particle


2019-06-28 05:39:06 - Rahul punk

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matlab circle plot


2019-06-28 05:23:42 - Rahul punk

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Matrix Analysis of Grids

Matrix Analysis of Grids using the Stiffness Method.

标签: gridsmatlabmatrixmatrix analysisstiffness methodstructural analysis

2019-06-28 05:21:58 - Miguel Raúl Guzmán Prado

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Extra layers to deep learning toolbox

In this repo, we provider several extra self-defined layers to the deep learning toolbox and some examples about how to use them.

标签: machine learning

2019-06-28 03:28:15 - Yuze Zou

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Plot 3D antenna radiation patterns

These handy functions are good for plotting colorful antenna radiation patterns with mesh grid. Many features can be manually controlled.

标签: antennaplottingradiation pattern

2019-06-27 22:30:49 - Ruyu Ma

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Implementating a WiFi Receiver on ZC706/FMComm3/ADI RF SOM

Hardware Implementation of a WiFi Receiver Using Xilinx ZC706 and ADI FMComms3 or ADI RF SOM Front End

标签: adi rf somchannel estimationcommunicationsdecoderfmcomms3xilinx zynqzc706

2019-06-27 22:19:58 - Suranga Handagala

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Optimización por Direcciones Conjugadas

Optimización de funciones irrestrictas de dos variables utilizando el algorimo de Direcciones Conjugadas.

标签: multivalue functionoptimization

2019-06-27 21:41:34 - Cesar Cardozo

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Estimated marginal (predicted) means from generalized linear mixed effect models in Matlab

标签: fitglme

2019-06-27 18:23:07 - John Hartman

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MSKCC CGDS Cancer Genomics Toolbox v1.07

This toolbox provides direct access to cBioPortal cancer genomics data from within the MATLAB environment.

标签: bioinformaticsbiologygenomicsmedicalstatisticstoolbox

2019-06-27 17:19:59 - Benjamin Gross

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Classify ECG Data Using MATLAB App (No Coding)

Use Diagnostic Features Designer App to extract the featureUse Classification Learner App to classify the features

标签: machine learningmatlab

2019-06-27 16:34:35 - Kevin Chng

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Filter Designer

Helps determine the filter order of digital filters


2019-06-27 16:03:18 - Ayad Al-Rumaithi

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Process Raw Data

Zero-phase bandpass digital filter with windowing and detrending


2019-06-27 15:34:04 - Ayad Al-Rumaithi

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Manhattan Plots for visualisation of GWAS results

A function for plotting a Manhattan Plot in MATLAB directly from a text file of GWAS statistics from PLINK, BOLT-LMM or SAIGE

标签: bioinformaticsgenome wide association studygwasmanhattan plotmatlabukbiobank

2019-06-27 15:25:24 - Harry Green

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truss analysis

truss analysis

标签: engineeringmechanic

2019-06-27 13:52:08 - hawbir qadr

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HDXfit is a package for fitting the site exchange probabilities to peptide mass envelopes from hydrogen/deuterium exchange of a protein

标签: exchange probabilitieshdxhydrogen deuterium exchangeleast squares fittingmass envelopespeptides

2019-06-27 12:23:25 - Darko Babic

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Sensor calibration using Procrustes analysis

Sensor calibration using Procrustes analysis (linear transformation).

标签: calibrationprocrustes analysis

2019-06-27 08:13:07 - Ildeberto de los Santos Ruiz

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model predictive control hybrid converter with matrix conver

My simulation


2019-06-27 07:47:08 - Pawel

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